Thursday, 16 May 2013

Caravan Service-Covering all of South Wales

Elddis Solid Training

April saw three members of staff travel to Elddis caravans for training in their SoLiD construction and repair methods. We were very impressed with the level of research that had gone into the whole development process. Its not often a manufacturer thinks of repair methods and thinks 'how are we going to repair this' when launching a new product! Their new bonding methods need to be fully understood before any item bonded to the caravan can be removed. Is this going to be the end of damp caravans.........
For more information on SoLiD construction speak to our dedicated Elddis SoLiD trained staff here

BCA Group

BCA GroupNot a name many of you will have heard of before, but many of you will have their products in your caravan or motorhome, Bailey, Elddis, Coachman to name a few. BCA provide 12v/240v harness/control systems and lighting into the leisure industry.
Again we sent our engineers with their packed lunch and flask off to attend their training day. The whole day was spent looking into their systems and fault finding. We also had a sneaky look at some of their yet to be launched products!

We strongly believe that training all our staff from engineers to receptionists in the latest repair methods and products ensures our customers get a premier service from us.

3 Year Service Packages

Earlier this year we launched of 3 year service packages for caravans and motorhomes. Its been tweeked a little over the months and is now proving very popular. We offer three packages as follows.

Motorhome 3 Years Habitation Service:- £399 inc VAT. That's less than some companies charge for one service!
Caravan Mobile 3 Years Habitation Service:- £799 inc VAT. That covers your caravan at any address in the SA/SY/CF postcode.
Caravan Workshop 3 Year Habitation Service:- £599 inc VAT. 
All packages are inclusive of service items and consumables.
 To find out more speak to Andrea or Jessica on 01269 831215 or contact them here.

Keep Up To Date

For all the latest on our promotions and what we are up to find us on Facebook and Twitter! If you want your club or association rallies advertised on our website and social media just let us know.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Caravan Service

Mobile Caravan Service

Carafit Caravan Services, In Safe Hands.
2013 has so far seen massive interest in our Express Mobile Service, from private customers along with national dealers! Earlier this month The Caravan Club contacted us wanting us to service their fleet of caravans used for their popular towing courses.
We currently average 8-10 mobile caravan services per week, the response has amazed all of us here at Carafit. Its also great to see customers receiving a professional service with their caravans getting the service they deserve!

. Our mobile service takes between 3 and 4 hours, we will only carry out the service if our engineer feels that a FULL service can be undertaken. Some driveways/storage areas are not suitable, in these circumstances we offer to take the caravan back to our purpose built 7 bay workshop.
We carry out a full risk assessment before any mobile service, thus giving you or the land owner total peace of mind.

To find out more about our Express Mobile Service speak to Andrea or Jessica on 01269 831215 or e-mail us HERE
As good as our Express Mobile Service  is we would always recommend you bring your caravan into our purpose built workshop. Our Mobile Service is there to offer customers a professional caravan service at their home or storage site.

Using a man in a van to service your caravan........really?

Do they have a land line?
Do they have business premises?
Do they have public liability insurance?
Do they have over 25 years experience?
Can they carry out all aspects of caravan service and repair?

Our Express Mobile Service........'More Than a Man in a Van'

New Bailey GT65

The new Bailey GT65 is our caravan of the year! With a host of extras and THAT window, we thinks its one of the best looking caravans on the market at the moment.With the ultra strong Alu-Tech construction and the best warranty department in the industry the new Bailey GT65 is going to be the must have van of 2013.

We are proud to be one of only a hand full of Bailey Approved Service centres that undertake ALL Bailey service and repair work. We carry out any warranty work in-house and are the only Alu-Tech repair workshop in Wales (despite what some companies may advertise)

Caravan Accident Damage

Senator having new front and side panels
Last year we launched our 50% excess discount. Since its launch 100's of customers have benefited from a reduced excess along with our claims management. As caravan and motorhome owners for over 30 years we know that damage to your caravan is distressing enough, without the added problems/hurdles from insurance companies. Our claims management takes all the stress out of the whole process. If you require an estimate for repair contact us HERE If you want to discuss a repair then give Andrea a call on 01269 831215

New Website

Work has started on our new website, at last! Our aim is to make the site simple and easy to navigate. The new site will be responsive, meaning it will be easy to use on any device, PC, Ipad/Iphone, Blackberry, Android etc. We really want our website to meet YOUR needs, so any comments or 'must have' ideas are welcome. Its a blank canvass, what do you want?

Book on-line 24/7

Don't forget you can book on-line with us 24/7, just visit HERE. You can follow us on Twitter and Facebook to receive discounts on all annual caravan or motorhome servicing.

Friday, 21 December 2012

Merry Christmas from Carafit

We close today 21st and re-open on the 3rd January at 08.00.

Should you wish to book your caravan/motorhome in for service please use our on-line booking here. You will also get all your service consumables FREE if booked before the 3rd January.

All the staff here at Carafit would like to take this chance to thank all our customers this year, and wish them all a fantastic Christmas and New Year.
With our Express Mobile Service expanding so quickly I have no doubt many of you will be seeing us out and about a lot more next year. There are also a few plans that should be finalised early next year, so keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter feeds for the latest on some of these exciting new plans.

Is anyone off in their caravan or motorhome over the festive break? 

This year will be the first time in many years we've not jumped in the motorhome boxing day and gone away, whether it be the Alps skiing, Euro Disney or a very expensive trip to London! There really is something magical about waking up in a motorhome nice and warm when its -10 outside! This year we will be at the Bluestone Resort with family.
If you have any photos of you enjoying your caravan or motorhome over the festive season we would love to see them!

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

So with a few spare hours this morning we thought we would update our blog. 

Send us you  holiday snaps
With the summer a distant memory and holidays abroad or in the UK long forgotten, how about sharing some of those memories with us? Send us some pictures of you and your caravan/motorhome whilst on holiday. With cold, wet and windy days ahead it will give us all something to look forward too!

Better than watching TV!
Here at Carafit we like to try and fit around our customers needs, from same day service turn around, late night opening on Wednesdays and Saturday collection/delivery.

To try and be as flexible as possible we can now offer a Saturday morning caravan/motohome service. Simply bring your caravan/motohome in by 09.00 and collect by 12.30. This gives you plenty of time to visit all the local shops close by, and have a breakfast/lunch near by as well. It also lets you put your caravan/motohome back into storage during daylight!

The Queen and the Unicorn.

No not the start of a fairytale, The Queen visited Bailey of Bristol recently.
Bailey factory tour
Having been to the N.E.C Caravan Show looking for new mobile accommadation for the Corgi's, it was decided a visit to Bailey of Bristol was needed.
The Royal party inspected both Bailey caravans and motorhomes as well as a factory tour. Will we see a new 'ROYAL' range from Bailey in the near future............
Just back from the club house
We have already sent the mailshot to Buckingham Palace, just incase they forget that Carafit are the only fully trained Alu-Tech service and repair workshop in Wales. Despite what some companies may be advertising!

So be careful next time a Range Rover and Unicorn pull up next to you on site!

Have You Drained Down Yet?

With the drop in temperature now is the time to drain you water system. All too often in March/April we are changing taps/waterheaters and fittings. Its a simple task that can save you a whole lot of bother and money. We use the Floe system in the workshop, its amazing how much water can be left in the system.

We have all the Floe products in stock, or we can drain your caravan/motorhome down for you.

Keep up to date with CARAFIT

Love it or loath it, social media is here to stay. Our Facebook page has regular updates and offers so why not join us here. Or to see what's in our workshop being worked on follow us on twitter.

We do promise to try and keep the blog more up to date as well!

Hey, let's be careful out there

This past 8 months has seen our customer care team working tirelessly to try and get warranty repairs authorised for customers who have serviced elsewhere. A number of issues have arisen, from incorrect service dates, incomplete/incorrect damp reports and claims not being submitted. Please read your warranty books, most also ask for V.A.T invoices. We have managed to secure all but 2 warranty claims on behalf of the customers.

Hey, let's be careful out there
Sgt Phil Esterhaus
Hill Street Blues
If you are unsure as to where you may stand with your warranty, please speak to Andrea or Jess in our office. They both have very good relationships with manufacturers and extended warranty companies.

The last thing we want to see is a customer loose their warranty for no fault of their own.

As Sergeant Phil Esterhaus says: Hey, let's be careful out there

Dont forget we do MOBILE SERVICING TOO!

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Where have we been for 5 months!

Carafit, your choice for all your
caravan and motorhome needs
We've been busy with setting up our Mobile Service. Yes at last its here! After several months of trials, mystery shopping, talking with manufacturers and OEM's. Our Mobile Service is head and shoulders above anything else offered by any other company. Its always been our belief that a Mobile Service will never be as thorough as a fixed workshop. This we stand by 100%. However we have developed procedures and tooling that allow us to nearly replicate fixed workshop service standards.

Mobile Caravan Service @ Carafit

Mobile Service, as it should be.
Rising Mobile Service Standards.
We have a strict criteria for our Mobile Service, we wont undertake any on site service unless we can be sure its to the highest standard. Our booking process involves answering a few quick questions, about where your caravan/motorhome is situated. You can still use our on-line booking here. All our mobile service customers will get the same paperwork as our fixed workshop customers. We are VAT registered so you will always get a VAT invoice, very important if you need to use and extended warranty company or make a claim with some insurance companies!

How Much is a Mobile Service with Carafit ?

How about a Mobile Service with NO CALL OUT CHARGE? That's right, any Mobile Service in the CF/SA/SY postcodes don't pay any call out charge! Another first for the Mobile Service world, our mobile service team work 7 'till 7 weekdays and 08:00 to 12:30 on Saturdays. Group discounts? If you site or store your caravan with friends, service at the same time and you save 10% each.
First workshop in the U.K to remove
Unicorn Barcelona side

More Advantages of a Mobile Service with Carafit.

Besides being the longest established Approved Workshop in Wales, we have the most experienced team of caravan engineers ever gathered in one place. We are more than just a caravan service company, new side panels, roofs, back panels, rear panels, damp ingress are daily pieces of work at or workshop. The only Bailey Alu-Tech service and Repair workshop in Wales. If we find any fault with your caravan we have the team and the experience to put it right. No other workshop in Wales offers such a comprehensive service.

Carafit and the Bailey Retreat
Carafit- The only Alu-Tech service and repair  workshop in Wales
In recognition of our Mobile Service we were approached by local Bailey dealers Sunnyhaven and Blazers Caravans to look after their locally sited Bailey Retreats. Retreat owners have access to our emergency 24 hour help line, 3 years fixed price service, 72 hour free call out. Here at Carafit we love the whole Retreat ethos, at last a caravan designed to be sited!

Mobile Caravan/Motorhome Service with Carafit

If you can't get to our workshop, then our Mobile Service is designed for you. From Newport Pembs to Ogmore, Llanllwni to Brecon. Be it at 7.30am or 6pm, Swift Challenger, Elddis Xplore in fact any make, any model. For a professionl Mobile Service choose Carafit.

Welcome to Express Mobile Service, professional mobile servicing of caravans and motorhomes. 

Monday, 23 January 2012

Bailey Retreats Launch

Bailey Retreat Willow
Another new product will launch at next months Excel show in London. Bailey will unveil their all new concept the Bailey Retreat. Designed to be semi permamently sited, being longer and wider than any touring caravan. The Willow and Sycamore will head up the new range.
More details can be found here
With so many people having their touring caravans sited for the season, this caravan is made for that exact purpose. For several years we have been concerned about touring caravans being used as static caravans. Bailey may well have solved this problem!
Do you site your touring caravan?
Mobile Service Trials Continue
Our mobile service trials continue into the New Year, with our self imposed February deadline fast approaching. We have tried various methods over the past three months, built new tooling and invested heavily into the trials. Personally I cant see how any mobile service can reach the same standards as a fixed workshop service. However with the launch of  the new Bailey Retreat and a very special phone call from Bristol, I am confident all our time and effort wont be wasted.

Reduced Price Caravan and Motorhome Service
Our reduced price service offer continues into 2012. Book on-line to receive 15% off your annual service, any time in 2012. Alu-Tech owners can take advantage of our discounted service scheme, its the cheapest way to service your Alu-Tech caravan. I've checked! A quick note to competitors who phone to enquire about our service prices, save the cost of a phone call. We publish our service costs to all on our website!
Our caravan and motorhome service meet and exceed those of the NCC and AWS.

New Show at London Excel
New Caravan Show at London Excel
A new date for your diary, the Motorhome Caravan and Camping Show at Excel London. Not since Earls Court some 10 years ago have we had a show in London. Supported by the whole industry, this is going to be a very exciting show.
Full details can found here

Let us Pay 50% of your Insurance Excess
We noticed last year that insurance companies were putting up their insurance excess charges, as well as their premiums. If you have any accident damage you can either contact us on 01269 831215 or fill in our on-line estimate form. Once the work is complete any excess you have is cut by 50%. There are some terms and conditions, contact us for details. Damaged your Alu-Tech caravan? We are the only trained workshop in Wales who can offer a fully warranted repair.

Did You Know?
Find out about our history as the
oldest AWS in Wales
As the oldest established Approved Work Shop in Wales, we thought we should let our customer know a little about our history. Over the coming months we will publish a few 'Did you know' facts.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Bailey Alu-Tech Service-Bailey Motorhome

With temperatures dropping the risk of frost damage in caravans/motorhomes is here!! Please please make sure that your caravan/motorhome is drained of water. If your unsure of how to drain your van bring it to us and we will do it for you. FREE OF CHARGE !!
Mobile Service Trials
Mobile Service Trials Continue
Our Mobile Service Trials continue, we have designed and invested in a hydraulic ram to activate the brakes on a caravan single handed. This would normally require a second engineer. Site owners and storage sites seem very pleased that we carry out a risk assessment before we start! At the moment we are choosing who,where and when we offer a Mobile Service to.
Approved Workshop Scam!
Click Here for a list of AWS Workshops
We have also been informed this week of two local companies who display Approved Workshop Status, who in fact are not members of the scheme. Be careful, as using these companies will invalidate any warranty you may have on your caravan or motorhome. The same situation arose last week when a customer used an MCEA engineer for his caravan service. Again check that a company is an AWS member, before using them!
Bailey Approach SE roll off production line!
Bailey Wales Workshop
Last week saw the first Bailey Motorhome come off the production line. They will start to appear at dealers later this month. We cant wait to try out our demo model in December! We will also be launching our Bailey Approach Service Schedule in December. This will be something a bit special! Our aim will be to make owning a Bailey Approach SE trouble free, relaxing and affordable! With our un-rivalled Bailey knowledge, we will be offering owners fast track warranty claims, discounted service and discounted Bailey Approved Accessories! Plus being the only Alu-Tech approved repair centre in WALES!
Investor in People
We are reaching the mid point in our quest to gain Investor in People award. We hope to gain the award by March next year. Are we going to be the first independent caravan/motorhome workshop to gain the award in the U.K?
Saving on Your Annual Service.
Save on your Annual Service
This last month we have started to see our customers taking advantage of their discounted second year Alu-Tech service. Owners of the Bailey Pegasus S1 are saving over £40 over the Bailey RRP! Don't forget owners all classic build vans can save 15% by booking on-line! This offer is open for 12 months of the year and you can book on-line at any time!

Keep up to date and win!
Follow us on Twitter or join us on our Facebook Page to keep up to date on the latest news in the caravan/motorhome world. Plus we have competitions to win loads of free prizes!